1. Every student is expected to be in school on time. The school gate is open from 7:00 to 8:00am to everyone.  However, morning assembly which starts at 7:45am is mandatory for every student.
2. Attendance to class is mandatory.
3. We expect that any absence should be communicated to the school through the Administrative office beforehand.
4. No student is allowed to change his/her religion while in school without the permission of the parents/guardian.
5. Change of subjects can only be effective with a written note from a student’s parent.
6. Students are not allowed to receive visitors in school.
7. All assignments, notebooks, projects and exercises must be up to date and submitted for subject teachers’ endorsement at the appropriate time.
8. Participation in sports and membership of  two clubs and societies are mandatory for all.
9. In order to earn promotion to the next class, a student must attain 65% average pass including credit in English Studies and Mathematics.
10. Ours is a cashless school. Students can only purchase items from the tuck shop with pre-paid tickets. Students (both day and boarding) are mandated to hand in every money on them on stepping into the school.
11. No student is allowed to visit the staff quarters.
12. We are strongly averse to bullying of all sorts: DON’T BULLY; DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE BULLIED.
13. Report all offences against your person to a teacher or any staff.
14. Use of foul language or verbal abuse is not allowed. 
15. Students are not allowed to fight in pairs or in groups.  
16. Membership or formation of any fraternity or sorority  within the school without the approval of the School Management is prohibited.
17. We view fighting teacher s  verbally or  physical strongly.
18. We expect all students to be obedient to their elders.
19. No student  is allowed to leave school premises without appropriate authorisation. This applies to both day and hostel students.
20. Drug abuse –alcoholic drinks and smoking- are disallowed.
21. Our students are responsible for their property and for securing  school  property.
22. We expect our students to be appropriately dressed at all times.
23. Tattoo, lily and daisy marks are not allowed on any student.
24. The only approved jewellery for girls is stud earrings and wristwatch for boys and girls.
25. Any form of electronic gadget is prohibited including mobile phones.

26. Hair attachments and weave-on are strongly prohibited irrespective of any class
27. Painting of nails and make-ups are not allowed. Nails should be kept neat always
28. Boys should always barb. The recommended haircut by the sale (fortnightly), irrespective of any class.
29. Students are expected to comport themselves well while in class. Eating, drinking, chewing gum and chatting during lessons are counted as punishable offences.
30. Use of electronic gadgets other than the Scientific Calculator or any other gadget specifically approved by the school is prohibited.
31. Any medication for a student must be handed over and administered by school authorities with a written parental authorization and instruction.
32. No stealing of School or mates properties.

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